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The “Mojave Experiment”

Too funny, Microsoft. If you can’t sell it to them based on its merits, trick them.

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Five ways you’re unleashing the power of your blog


  1. tearing the veil away from the morally bankrupt raincheck policy at Marshall’s
  2. “crowdsourcing” the naming of your new unicycle
  3. taking a symbolic day off from blogging to protest the unjust treatment of “some Oriental dude” you read about on Slashdot
  4. daring to name names in the “personal holocaust of customer service” you recently suffered at Fry’s
  5. funny new snapshot of your kitty, “Warrant Officer Ripley,” acting like she’s people

Alternative to oil?

makes you wonder…

off the Belgian coast

To kill an American

by Matthew Modine

Park Play

As Nikka and I waited for Break Away bike to open in Saratoga, we decided to quote Shakespeare on, of course the public stage in the local park (next door to the bike shop). Dinner theater is safe for another 12 years in my book…. img_0034.jpg 

viewsonic: a dying brand


yet another company slowly draws to an end.

i spent hours on what should have been an empowering and customer creating event with viewsonic only to walk away feeling like i had been at war. a needless war considering i had purchased an extended warranty.

i’ll spare you the details but here’s a summary: it took 45 days , 32 email exchanges, 3 faxes, 2 phone calls, $25 in shipping charges and about 5 hours of my time for them to acknowledge i had a valid claim and to ship a replacement.

how do companies design customer care services to be so inefficient? I don’t know but i do intend to find out.

I plan on interviewing serveral companies over the next few months to see if there’s a common set of variables that emerge which lead to poor customer service practices.

stay tuned….

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