Adobe, if there were only options….


Sorry for not posting of late, Holidays, etc…But this one got me fired up!

OK, i admit it. I’ve hated Adobe products for a longtime. I’ve always found them less than intuitive, unfriendly to Macs (used to be different) and overly complicated – and i’m not referring to Photoshop – i’m referring to their ‘simplified’ painting products like Elements. Example: try to draw a simple unfilled circle around an object of interest on a photo and you’ll see what i mean.

So after upgrading to Leopard, my Elements 2.0 no longer works. Great. I read on the net that i’ll have to upgrade to at least 4.0 (which some say doesn’t work with Leopard). So i try all of the other paint products – free, commercial, open source and well, they are all lacking….So i bite the bullet and buy 4.0 on Jan 8th mainly because i need it for a project – after wrestling with their ecommerce site, filling in form and form, i finally download it and it installs just fine.

So i’m somewhat happy i can do what i need to do now, but jeez Adobe’s attitude towards everything is just…. pretentious, overblown and complicated. But, i have the product and it does what i need it to do (after spending oodles of time learning it).

Now i’m at Macworld and i see that Adobe is releasing Elements 6.0 for Mac a mere 7 days after i buy 4.0. So i ask the gal at the Adobe booth what i should do; she says send an email to customer service….. So i do. I send this after filling out yet more Adobe-enforced-forms that require serial #’s, order #’s, blood type, name, etc: “Order number: AD001288418

Serial number: 1057-0800-5888-0282-6969-3648

just bought this last week (1/8/08) and went to macworld and saw that you are

releasing version 6. I would like a free upgrade pleas

e or i would like to return this version and buy 6 when it is released.


Pretty straightforward….or so i think. I figure they’ll tell me either sorry, you bought too early (which i did) or sure, here’s how to get a free upgrade. Either of which i’m fine with really.



Instead i get an email that requires me to either log into their system to see the answer (which has been down for 2 days now) or read a PD-freaken-F. A PDF? In response to an email?? Pu-lease!


So i open the PDF and can’t believe, nor understand what i’m reading. Here it is, i kid you not:

Submit a Web Case at


*** Notes to Customer ***

01/18/2008 11:28:15


Hello Greg,

Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Service.

Greg, I understand that you purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 on

January 8, 2008 and you now need a free upgrade to Photoshop Elements

6.0, else you would like to return this software and purchase Photoshop

Elements 6.0 when released.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

With regards to your free upgrade query, I need to inform you that when

Adobe releases a new product, the product team determines a

post-announce date. If you purchase a previous version of a product,

either directly from Adobe or a reseller, including an Adobe Reseller,

you are entitled to a post-announce upgrade for the cost of shipping. To

process this, proof of purchase is required.


Post-announce pricing applies to full retail versions, upgrade versions,

and educational products. Post-announce upgrades are available only

through Adobe and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Further, I would request you to contact Adobe Customer Service at the

number given below to check the free upgrade eligibility.

Still, if you want to return the software, please note that within 30

days of purchase, Adobe® will accept the return of any product purchased

directly from Adobe. Adobe cannot process returns for products and

services purchased from another source. Indirect orders of products and

services must be returned to the source from which they were purchased

and are subject to the return policies of that source.

To learn more about Adobe Return policy, kindly refer the link given


We thank you for your time. We are pleased to inform that you are one of

our esteemed customers.

For your records, your customer ID number is 128692713. The customer ID

number is the easiest way for us to access your account in our database.

In the future, please provide this number when you contact Adobe. Your

case number is 200579520.

Greg, the Web Support Portal Representatives are available from Monday

to Friday. For your convenience, on weekends we have a dedicated phone

support for Customer Service related queries. Please feel free to

contact our phone support at 1 (800) 833-6687 from 6:00am-8:00pm PST, 7

days a week.

Best Regards,

Tim G.

Adobe Customer Service


*** Notes from Customer ***

01/17/2008 15:32:13



Hard to believe, eh? They have taken an opportunity to create goodwill and turned it into a government-sounding sing-song of redirection. And i love the jargon and redirect. What exactly is a “post-announcement” date and why would i care? Interestingly it is a date, yet a date is never given – makes sense???



Now i need to contact Adobe Customer to check if i can get a free upgrade. Excuse me Tim G., you ARE Adobe customer Service!?? But now i have to call them….on a phone!!!! To ask them the question i just asked you?



IMO, Adobe epitomizes what happens when companies get so large that they lose touch; since they have a monopoloy of graphic software they are no longer interested in making SW for normal people – Elements was 500MB and i still can’t draw a simple colored circle around an object without doing 15 things that are completely unintuitive .



Finally, every interaction i’ve ever had with the company has been full of bureaucratic bung; this case is only the latest. How about you, share something similar?



I pray for the day when someone publishes a decent paint package that does 1/2 of what Elements does – i’ll be the first in line…



Until then, I’ll be on hold waiting for Adobe customer service…..


2 Responses to “Adobe, if there were only options….”

  1. 1 Tim February 17, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Plz do not blame Tim, it follows as per Adobe’s policy

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