Vanderkitten – breaking brand alert


So what makes a brand unique? Scott Bedbury’s book says that is really comes down to the promise; Nike is about genuine athletics, Starbucks is about consistent, community-based coffee, Phatfarm is about being urban. Or, going negative, American Airlines is about being too big to care, Verizon being barely ‘good enough’ and GM being able to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”.

Enter Vanderkitten. Yet another young womens clothing company or more? While it’s hard to get the entire story from their web site (horrible!), if you dig there’s a really interesting vibe and….promise to young women. Vanderkitten says its OK to get dirty AND be sexy; and they seem to attract women with street cred to back up the claim. Check out Liz Hatch, a rider for team Vanderkitten.

So will this brand create a new wave of Vanderkittens; young women that identify with their strength, femininity and athleticism – young women that play soccer, ride motor-cross, wake-board and kick-ass in general? Christine “Peanut” Vardaros, a top cyclocross rider for Team Vanderkitten talks about what its like to walk-the-walk in this interview.

While the verdict is still out on if Vanderkitten will appear on anytime soon, I like what i see and read. The vibe is dead-on and it’s a brand that empowers; heavy stuff for sure. If they can break through, they could be an awesome company and brand and do a lot of good for young women everywhere. It’s true, honest and unique – what more can a marketer hope for?


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