The Folio, Oh-nolio!

Um, a lot has already been written about the Fonio Folio but i had to put my 2 cents in.



Indeed, i agree that the Treo can’t do it all – it has issues with attachments, email and web browsing. The Treo (and others like it) shine when you’re in a pinch and need to reply quickly with a short bursty message, or look up an address using Google maps, or you know the drill….I’ve often thought about how the Treo would be better if it had a larger keyboard and screen.

Then I whip out my Powerbook and forget those useless thoughts as my fingers fly over my silky smooth and silver keyboard, WiFi auto connects in that magical Mac way and I summon my creative mojo to hack out an over-stated, yet ever important email response to my wife about something i should have had on my calendar but didn’t.

As I close the lid on my Mac i chuckle at what a foolish product a larger Treo would be – not because it doesn’t solve a problem, but because the economics don’t work. A $500-600 product that does half of what a notebook does just doesn’t make sense.

Keep in mind that we often toyed with an idea very close to the Folio while at Think Outside. In fact we even presented “polo” to Palm several times but they never bit – guess they were smarter back then.



And now, we have the product that the press claims was going to salvage Palm. While i can’t believe that Palm is placing all bets on the success of this one product, the Folio represents all that is right and wrong with Palm.

They get major props for having the gonads to put something like this in the market – lets face it, this had a high degree of risk and they went for it anyway. I personally applaud them for not doing what large companies typically do – play it safe.

On the other hand, ouch. This doesn’t look like Hawkins, this looks like a committee product.

Compounding this is the fact that right now, there are some kick ass products coming to market from all their competitors (RIM, Apple, MS, HTC, Samsung, LG, etc).

We sold over 2M portable keyboards thru Palm during our run with them at Think Outside. Who knows, maybe the Folio will find a niche and people won’t mind buying a notebook and phone pairing for $600-700 instead of a fully functional notebook and cell phone.

Personally i wish Palm would make a Treo that could run without re-charging every 5 hours.




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