VoIP and Blog Power: the larger they get, the dumber

My friend Arnold over at Fonality sent me an interesting, funny and sad article about how Nortel and one of their subs turned a mole-hill into a mountain.

It’s sad really. Why can’t large corporations get out of their own way?

I’ll tell you: size and mindset.The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.logtel.com/conferences/mobconv03/Nortel%20Logo.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

They have become so bloated (even though technology has provided productivity gains that would allow them to contain this bureaucratic growth) that they can’t see that you can no longer hide behind your largeness. The simple fact is this: a small startup with good (not even great) technology that embraces good soft-marketing principals (honesty, fairness, compassion and performance) and the net can outperform, maybe even beat a company 20X its size.

These soft-marketing principals don’t replace the need for maniacal management of the marketing mix (price, product, promotions, pipeline) but they go a long way towards helping a small company gain momentum which is exactly what Nortel should be concerned about.

This is why it is comical. Instead of chalking this up to competition and learning from it, Nortel went into defensive mode. Now they look even more like a incompetent, lazy company pushing their over-priced antiquated solutions on companies that are afraid of change.

I’ve always said that people and companies hate change because it can make you look dumb. There’s comfort in predictability no mater how outmoded the solution or business model is.

So who’s looking dumb right now, the little or big guy?


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